Friday, December 10, 2010

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Saturday, December 4, 2010

The ex-lendu-ians studio photoshoot.

Salam. hey hi.
The name of the studio is Simply Events studio located in USJ10 (taipan).

I was invited by anis aqilah to joined them. so, i wasn't their main photographer but since she asked me to come so i guess it would be a great opportunity for me to add more photos for my portfolio.

And I did not use any of the studio equipment so i did not manage to get perfect clear picture but these will just fine right? hope so.. : )



Thursday, December 2, 2010

Proses mencipta nama.

so i've got my new lens and a flashgun.
bought 2nd hand sigma 18-50 f2.8 and sb 600.

helped a friend photographed her convocation. It was a tiring day but we had fun.
congratulation aina!
and thank you zul.

need a photographer for ur special day or any event?
contact me at 017 630 2767.
: )

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What would others think bout us?

in this picture : Azraa and Syazwan Hakiem

Sometimes when i have so much confidence in myself saying i can be a good photographer then suddenly it disappear.
Especially when i look at the pros and their stunning pictures.

I think my works are good enough but i don’t know how others view my pictures.

Right now I’m waiting for my dad to buy a new lens for my Nikon d80. I bought the d80 2 years ago but it still in excellent condition. I told everyone i can make money with photography once I'm well equipped.

Looking forward to do wedding, any events and any photo-shoot.

Monday, November 22, 2010

1st post for semester breaks part 5

Hello hey hi.
The last update of this blog is in the last 6 months. really lack of ideas plus, i can rarely online in Melaka.

hey, I'm on holiday man. So many things to do in my mind but I guess i wanna start serious in photography. will get a new lens for my nikon d80 soon. and I say m a freelance photographer.
need to do a portfolio. I know I can make money with photography.

That's all i wanna say right now.
i guess aliffsulaiman is back.

Friday, May 21, 2010

G1111 / KST 1111

hello hey hi. 2nd post for 2010. :)

These are the potraits who are related to my room in uitm melaka. yang duduk bilik depan dan bilik sebelah pun dikira roomate juga.

okay, hari ni nak menulis sikit . July 2008 bermulalah kehidupan di uitm melaka sebagai business student. First thing i had in mind before i agreed to go was, it is goin to be sucks. I was wrong, totally.
Nvm, so, i got a nickname in Uitm. lali

lali sinonim dengan TOKAN

im not being proud or what, but i can say i am quite important person in the block coz i smuggled

ciggaretes into the block..

3 sem buat tak pernah kantoi, alhamdulillah.

Ok enough with my story.

ahaa g 1111 tapi skarang dah tukar kst 1111.

level 1 wing 1. i stayed in that room for 2 years. 2 years.

Sepatutnya students boleh tinggal kat kolej sampai part 5 tapi tiba tiba uitm announced, part 5 dah kena sewa rumah. DAMN

2 tahun tinggal kat bilik sama, dah macam rumah sendiri dah. Kasturi pada aku blok lelaki yang paling best kat uitm lendu,Melaka.

Makin lama, level 1 wing 1 makin dipenuhi dengan budak budak yg baik baik. Boring.

Terlampau banyak benda yang sure akan buat semua orang rindu gila babs duduk dalam blok.

masa part 1 ,2 ada orang jual nasi ayam penyet dengan longchan siap ade package lagi.

rm 3.50

Lepas tu, ada jual kuew tiaw goreng kerang, mee goreng n nasi goreng dalam blok. The best part was, all the foods were cooked on the spot. Jerit je dr bawah bilik diorang then tunggu 10 minit diorang akan hantar kat bilik. FAWESOME. founder: limok n jakim

Banyak sangat kalau nak cerita semuanya.

First time tulis kat blog panjang macam ni daripada tahun 2007. lol

Aiman, Tony , D.k , Ijat , Chilie , Kayau , Kacap ,Kechik and Lali.

penghuni penghuni g1111 daripada jun 2008 sampai april 2010.

9 May. Im sitting all alone in my room. Light rain on that day made me think a lot.

Several hours before leaving to go home then I realised that I am goin to miss all the moments I had for 2 years left in this room.

GoodBye 1 empat batang.